We offer highly experienced operators and high-end equipment to meet the ever increasing demands on professional on-set video assist.

Wether you are doing a small scale commercial or a VFX heavy big budget production, we have the operators, tools and expertise to ensure it runs smoothly. Since every production is different we always customise our kit to fit your specific needs.



What we can do for you:


- QTAKE software and operators
- HD video assist for multiple cameras
- Wireless video monitoring
- Point-to-point video transmission for remote monitoring
- iPhone and iPad monitoring
- Small ”run and gun” kits for fast work
- Handheld directors monitors
- On set keying, mixing and editing
- Detailed shot reports with original camera filenames
- Passionate and experienced crew that always are well prepared




QTAKE is the world's most powerful video assist software and the de facto standard in Hollywood. It has been used on productions ranging from TV series such as Game of Thrones to movies such as The Hobbit, Gravity and The Avengers. The possibilities with QTAKE are huge and it has something to offer no matter the scale of your production. From basic recording and playback with a detailed cilp database, to complex chroma key and VFX previews with several layers of footage or graphics.

The ability to instantly recall any recorded take from the integrated database has proven invaluable for continuity and helps streamline the whole production process.

With QTAKE we also offer low-latency iOS-device monitoring! We can provide you with a live feed from camera on your own iPad or iPhone with incredibly low delay of about 6 frames! On top of this you can also get complete access to the the entire cilp database making it possible for you to independently watch playback of whatever take you want, whenever you want. This is also available offline for directors / DoP/ producers to watch dailies when they prefer.





Limited wireless video is now a thing of the past!
With our new long-distance wireless service, we can provide you with live video from car rigs without any restrictions. It's now possible to send a live video feed from a car rig driving through a deep forests to the comfort of the production office.
The service is very adaptable to all sorts of complex video scenarios where long range video is needed in order to save time. The clients and the whole team can now view live footage from the car rig, eliminating the inconvenience of waiting for the car to come back to basecamp for playback. It is also possible to send live video between different units so that the director can observe what the 2nd unit is shooting regardless of distance between them.
Compared to other wireless video systems that are restricted to transmitters and receivers with limited range, our system runs on 4G/3G cellular connections. This means that as long as we have coverage, there is no range limitation of the live video feed.





Maybe you are a producer for a small concert and want a professional video production broadcast live directly to the web.
Or it might be that you are company that want to share a conference world wide or within the company.
Perhaps you are a working for a university and has invited a very nobel lecturer, and want it to be seen by the whole school or maybe even other schools around the world.
Either way, give us a call and we will give you a good solution for whatever it is you want to share